Malaika Global Educator Awards

Kevin Witte in Turkey

Kevin Witte, Social Studies Educator in Kearney High School. Kevin Witte has traveled widely in his 13 years as a Nebraska educator from Saudi Arabia to South Africa, from China to Egypt, from Italy to the Arctic Circle. He has done so not as a casual tourist, but as a selected fellow, presenter or participant of professional programs tackling educational topics in depth. He is a star global teacher and received the 2012 Malaika Global Educator Award.

Malaika honors outstanding Nebraska teachers who have demonstrated innovative global education in their classrooms. Each award is a unique artisanal item from around the world.

Malaika invites Nebraskans to submit a one page proposal for the Outstanding Global Educators in Nebraska Award. Each proposal must include the following:

- Name of Teacher
- Position
- School and Location
- Describe your development of global education curriculum, topics, lessons, and activities for your classroom.
- Describe how your global teaching will expand to involve your school and community.
- Describe your global teaching's impact and a proposed follow up for evidence.

A one page proposal is required and are accepted throughout the year! Email your submission in PDF to

Dr. Hahn and Millie Leet

Dr. Hahn and Millie Leet.

United Nations Friends of Malaika Present Gifts for the Malaika Awards

The unique gifts have been donated to the Malaika Foundation by United Nations colleagues of Malaika Founder, Dr. Natalie Hahn. The donors include:

- Jane F. Weidlund in memory of her Mother, the late Mrs. Melba Weidlund. Ms. Weidlund served in the United Nations, primarily in Africa, for 35 years.

- Jane Robbins and Aileen Robbins in honor of their Mother, the late Mrs. Millie Leet, founder of Trickle Up with her husband, Glenn Leet. Trickle Up provides grants to women living on less than $1.25/day. Over 500,000 women have benefitted with these small capital grants. For more information visit

- Dr. Margaret Snyder, Founding Director of the United Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and a board member of The Sirleaf Market Women's Fund in Liberia donated African textiles.

Alicia Dallman

2014 Malaika Global Educator Awardee Alicia Dallman

The Malaika Foundation announces a 2014 Malaika Global Educator Award, to Alicia Dallman, Secondary English and Spanish Teacher, Elkhorn Public Schools.

Alicia was recognized for her achievements in creating a Model United Nations Model for her classroom. Students were assigned countries to represent and develop a nations' perspective on various issues by researching international events and country positions. Also, she facilitated students contact with the ambassadors to the United Nations from those countries they represented. She is developing a student directed blog focused on local and international issues. Once a semester, students will organize and host an international evening for fellow students, teacher and parents as well as Waverly citizens.

Alicia completed a two year teaching assignment in Spain. She continues to support the Cantabrian Global Classrooms by offering guidance and support from Model United Nations in other Nebraska classrooms. Alicia welcomes inquiries from fellow teachers about the program and impact,

2012 Nebraska Global Outstanding Educator Awards recipients

2012 Nebraska Global Outstanding Educator Awards recipients (left to right): Dr. Lee Kallstrom, Julia Schonewise, Kevin Witte - 2012 Melba Recipients.

2012 Nebraska Global Outstanding Educator Awards

Four outstanding Nebraska educators received awards for making a difference with innovative global education in their classrooms.

Julia Schonewise and Jane Connealy
Julia and Jane traveled to Rwanda as Fund for Teachers Fellows and incorporated lessons in human rights and genocide at Pius X School, Lincoln.

Kevin Witte
Kevin, from Kearney High School, initiated two new classes to advance an international focus: Advanced Placement World History, and International Wealth and Poverty Course.

Dr. Lee Kallstrom
Dr. Kallstrom explored Madagascar with Fund for Teachers in support of his three year long project with Omaha North - Magnet Engineering School students designing solutions for Madagascar's developing economy.

Global Vision Matched with Philanthropy

Joe Rickets

J. Joe Ricketts, a special guest of the Gala to Support Global Education, September 27, 2013, receives Malaika Global Educator Award.

J. Joe Ricketts Receives the 2013 Malaika Global Educator Award

J. Joe Ricketts, Ameritrade Founder and Founder, Benefactor and CEO of Opportunity Education, received the 2013 Malaika Global Educator Award.

Opportunity Education benefits thousands of children in 12 Asian and African countries in providing learning materials and improving educational standards. Sister Schools have been established with over 1,000 schools for a partnerships with teachers and students in developing countries, sharing ideas and fostering cultural understanding.

The award was presented at the Gala to Support Global Education, September 27, 2013 at the Quilt House, University of Nebraska, Lincoln with 500 guests and special guest, the First Lady of the Republic of Tanzania, Mrs. Salma Kikwete.

Nebraska Schools are invited to join the Sister School Program of Opportunity Education and establish a pen pal program.

Mrs. Salma Kikwete

First Lady of the Republic of Tanzania, Mrs. Salma Kikwete.

First Lady of the Republic of Tanzania, Mrs. Salma Kikwete as Guest

Her Excellency, Mrs. Salma Kikwete, the First Lady of the Republic of Tanzania was a guest at the Gala to Support Global Education, Sept. 27, 2014. She was also the key note speaker at the Workshop on Viewing English Education through a Globalized Lens at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, attended by 110 educators. Funded by Humanities Nebraska, the workshop was one of four Malaika Global Education Workshops in 2013.

Keneth Morrison

Kenneth Morrison, Founding Donor for the Malaika Foundation, Receives the 2010 Malaika Global Educator Award

At the Celebration and African Art Auction, Kenneth Morrison of Hastings, Nebraska received the 2010 Global Educator Award. Mr. Morrison was the founding donor for the Malaika Foundation and is an international agricultural entrepreneur.