Malaika Achievements and Leadership

Dr. Natalie Hahn and Dr. Joyce Banda

A Midwestern African Museum of. Art, Culture and Resource Center was opened by the first. African President to visit Nebraska — the former President of Malawi, Dr. Joyce Banda. Pictured, Dr. Natalie Hahn and President Banda.

Lee Kallstrom

Malaika Fellowship to Madagascar

Fund for Teachers - Malaika Fellowship to Madagascar for Dr. Lee Kallstrom, Omaha North High Magnet School. In collaboration with Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo personnel in Kinjavato, Madagascar, Dr. Kallstrom designed a program to apply engineering knowledge to global issue and contribute to local preservation efforts.

Dean Jacobs writing in journal in the Amazon

Global Education Training for 3,800 Nebraska Teachers

Malaika has organized four symposia on Bringing the World to Your Classrooms, 2000-2009, five Global Education Workshops for teachers in 2013, Wondrous Journey presentations by Malaika Board Member Dean Jacobs to teachers throughout the state and presentations on global education opportunities for teachers attending Education Service Unit Workshops. A Celebration and African Art Auction was featured at the Joslyn Museum, Omaha, Sept. 23, 2010 and the Gala to Support Global Education at the Quilt House with the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS), the University of Nebraska, UNL, Sept. 27, 2013. All profits, a total of $130,000, provided global educational fellowships for CEHS-UNL students. Reach the World has provided linkages with Nebraska schools and recipients of the Benjamin A. Gillman Fellowships.

2013 Nebraska Workshops on Global Education
With funding from Humanities Nebraska, four Global Education Workshops were organized in Omaha, Lincoln and Kearney, September-November, 2013 with 190 participants. Malaika Humanities Scholars organized the workshops, including Dr. Patrick Hayden-Roy, History Department, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Ms. Denis Pedersen, Middle School, Grand Island, Nebraska, Dr. Sarah Thomas, Secondary English Education, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Mr. Kevin Witte, Social Studies, Kearney High School and Dr. Brad Wilburn, Department of English and Humanities, Chadron State College. The evaluations noted that for nearly all the participants, “this was the first workshop they had attended that focused exclusively on a global education theme”.
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Malaika’s Support for Global Education
+ Malaika financed a Summit on Teacher Engagement in Global Education at the Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, to discuss Master’s in Education with a focus on global studies, the first in Nebraska. May 14, 2014

+ With a new global education mandate, the Nebraska Department of Education organized a conference, June 26, 2014, Globalization: The Civic Mission of Schools at Home and Abroad. The Malaika Foundation panel featured Teaching for Global Competencies: Multiple Perspectives and Resources and was organized by Malaika Executive Consultant, Dr. Sarah Thomas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Assistant Professor of Practice in Secondary English Education and Malaika Executive Consultant.

group of participants Glbal Educator Awards

Global Education in Nebraska Colleges and Universities

Going Global: A Symposium on Educational Strategies for International Learning, Museum of Nebraska Art, July 16, 2009. Eighty-eight representatives of 11 Nebraska Colleges of Education participated in the Going Global Symposium on Educational Strategies for International Learning in Nebraska, University of Nebraska at Kearney, July 2009. A key outcome of the symposium was the appointment of Malaika Ambassadors for Global Education for a network to exchange information on global resources and fellowships and maximize impact.

The Symposium was organized by the Office of International Affairs, University of Nebraska-Kearney, the Malaika Foundation and financed by Mr. Kenneth Morrison. Download the Symposium Report.

Kenneth Morrison Fellowship recipients

Educational Travel Opportunities for Nebraska Teachers

In partnership with Fund for Teachers, 41 teachers traveled through the US and 21 countries on five continents.

Kenneth Morrison Fellowships awarded to 15 teachers and three University of Nebraska students to explore Thailand, Cambodia, Italy and China, and three Midland University faculty to the Asia Society Conference, Washington D.C., Putting the World into World Class Education.

Grants for teachers attending the Great Decisions Workshop, Foreign Policy Association, New York City.

Lee Kallstrom with students in Madagascar

Malaika Global Educator Awards

Five Nebraska teachers have received Malaika Global Educator Awards for outstanding innovative global educational programs in their classrooms. Note the application process and the opportunity to receive an award in recognition of unique international perspectives in your classroom.

More information on the Resources Link — applications are invited for the Global Educator Awards to honor outstanding teachers with global education initiatives.