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Outstanding Nebraska educators have been chosen as Global Education Scholars to organize Global Education Workshops and will focus on:
+ Nebraska State Standards and Global Education
+ Curriculum Development with a global focus
+ Global Education Resources
+ Fellowship and Grant Opportunities
+ U.S. Global Education Networks and Professional Associations
+ Using Technology to Connect Students with Schools and Scholars Globally

Nebraska teachers (including pre-service and in-service) are invited to attend. Apply early and indicate your interest with the these Malaika Colleagues:
Lincoln Workshop, Sept. 19: contact Dr. Sarah Thomas, sarah.thomas@unl.edu or Dr. Patrick Hayden Roy, phr@nebrwesleyan.edu
Kearney Workshop, Sept. 25: contact Kevin Witte, kevwitte@kearneycats.com
Omaha Workshop, Oct. 17: contact Mark Gudgel, Mark.Gudgel@ops.org and Darin Jensen, darin.l.jensen@gmail.com

Kevin Witte with Japanese students
Kevin Witte: Japan Visit, 2013.
Kevin Witte teaches AP World History and AP Human Geography at Kearney High School. He is a 2013 Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award Winner, Malaika Global Educator, and an AP World History consultant for the College Board. Kevin has received fellowships and travel study programs to Italy, Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Galápagos, South Korea, Germany, Svalbard, Turkey, and, most recently, Singapore and Malaysia.

Dr. Patrick Hayden-Roy in Berlin
Dr. Patrick Hayden-Roy: Fulbright Scholar to Germany. Spree River-Berlin.
Patrick Hayden-Roy is a Professor of German History at Nebraska Wesleyan University since 1989. He has organized workshops on global learning for Nebraska secondary school educators, and was a team member in developing Nebraska Wesleyan's distinctive Preparing for Global Citizenship general education program.

Dr. Sarah Thomas at the Great Wall
Dr. Sarah Thomas: with her student, Jillian Harpster, and daughter, Samantha, at the Great Wall.
Sarah is Assistant Professor of Practice in the English Education Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Malaika Executive Consultant and Coordinator for the Global Education Workshops.

Darin Jensen
Darin Jensen:English Instructor at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE.
He has worked with international, immigrant, and refugee students for 12 years as an ESL instructor, International Admissions Advisor, and Director of International Programs.

Mark Gudgel Mark Gudgel: with students in Rwanda.
Mark Gudgel teaches English and Humanities at Omaha North High Magnet School, and serves as the Executive Director of the Educators' Institute for Human Rights. A teacher fellow of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Imperial War Museum, Gudgel is a Fulbright scholar and doctoral candidate whose research interests center around Holocaust education and genocide prevention.


Global Educational Resource Opportunities


Nebraska Teaches are invited to Join the webinar Institute of International Education, IIE, Generation Study Abroad Webinar Series titled “Integrating a Global Social Network for Language, Culture, and Career Preparation in your Study Abroad Programs.”

The webinar will take place on August 6 at 2:00 pm Central Standard Time.


Study Abroad and International/Global Studies Using WeSpeke
Learn how Study Abroad and International/Global Studies programs are using the power of the WeSpeke social network to help students (both outbound and inbound) be more prepared before they depart. See ways in which students are connecting with people who live where they are going to learn language, understand culture, and ask questions. Listen to other Study Abroad Directors talk about how they are using WeSpeke before, during, and after the study abroad experience to enhance their programs and focus students on job preparation for the global economy.

Create Global Connections for K-12 Classrooms
Anyone interested in learning more about connecting undergraduate students with K-12, please take a look at Heather Singmaster’s , IIE, Global Learning blog, and her article titled “Why All Study-Abroad Students Should Connect With Classrooms Back Home.”

Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner Network
If you would like to share resources and tools—join the Institute of International Education, IIE, Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner LinkedIn Group.

Twitter: @IIEGlobal
Facebook: IIEGlobal
Blog: Opening Minds

“As a native Nebraskan and educator, I teach English and Spanish high school courses at Waverly High School. Although we have only begun the Reach the World program, my students and I have already noted the value and impact this first-hand collaboration and interaction fosters. During a lesson on sustainable development, students were able to consider authentic examples in Panama and ask expert questions. Following the lesson, they continued to research and engage in problem-based learning. As a class collective, we feel very blessed and appreciative of this transformative experience”.
- Alicia Dallman

Alicia Dallman

“I wanted to thank you for your generous contribution to my trip to Ecuador. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected for this funding. International Education is my passion and where I see myself working for the rest of my life. The honor I have for study abroad is something I want to share with all students I work with. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”
- Taylor Nicole Gee

Taylor Nicole Gee

Making a Difference for Nebraska's Educators & Students

The Importance of Travel

"Because of the generosity and support of the Malaika Foundation and Fund For Teachers, I experienced new lands and ideas, making friends among strangers and returning to the classroom with knowledge and enthusiasm that inspired curiosity and challenged students to create the change they want to see in our world."
Jane Connealy

"The Fund for Teachers and Malaika Fellowship allowed me to visit Madagascar to increase my knowledge of conservation, exploration, and nature to better educate my students in Omaha. I have incorporated so many of the things I learned in Madagascar into my classes and have expanded my curriculum to include different needs that must be examined, for the wellbeing of our global community."
Lee Kallstrom

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