The Malaika Foundation salutes our educators for navigating these difficult times. We commend the health and service providers for their tireless devotion and care.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. To each of you, please stay safe and well protected.

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Reach the World

The Malaika Foundation invites you to travel with global scholars throughout the world with Reach the World's at-home learning resources! You can watch and learn from past and future events in different ways:

WATCH LIVE! Visit the Events page to view upcoming livestreams and choose the person or place that interests you most.
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WATCH ON-DEMAND! Explore all of the past livestream events and watch them whenever you want.
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JOIN ON-CAMERA! For every livestream, there are a few spots available for young learners to ask questions live on Zoom*. Interested? Send an email to:
(*Students must have permission to participate on-camera.)

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Malaika and Malaika Founder Donates African and Central American Art

Malaika has awarded 61 items of unique African and Latin American Art to eight sites throughout Nebraska, including:

- Wayne State College
- The Lexington High School and Lexington Public Library
- No More Empty Pots, Omaha
- Center for Women’s Advancement, Omaha
- Seventy-Five North, Omaha
- The Schuyler Public Library
- Whispering Roots, Omaha

In addition, Malaika Founder Dr. Natalie Hahn has donated African art to the Metropolitan Community College (MCC), Omaha. It is displayed at the Career and Academic Skills Center, MCC North Omaha Campus. Malaika is now collaborating with the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) to establish a North Omaha African Art Corridor with a number of Omaha partners.

Mapula Embroidery
Dr. Tom McDonnell Vice President, Academic Affairs, MCC.

African mask
Mr. Woody Woodard, Unlimited Welding, who created the bases for the masks with Dr. Natalie Hahn, Malaika Founder.


Global Educational Resources and Grant Opportunities

New grants for K-12 teachers

Additional Global Education Resources and Links

Study Abroad and International/Global Studies Using WeSpeke
Learn how Study Abroad and International/Global Studies programs are using the power of the WeSpeke social network to help students (both outbound and inbound) be more prepared before they depart. See ways in which students are connecting with people who live where they are going to learn language, understand culture, and ask questions. Listen to other Study Abroad Directors talk about how they are using WeSpeke before, during, and after the study abroad experience to enhance their programs and focus students on job preparation for the global economy.

Create Global Connections for K-12 Classrooms
Anyone interested in learning more about connecting undergraduate students with K-12, please take a look at Heather Singmaster’s , IIE, Global Learning blog, and her article titled “Why All Study-Abroad Students Should Connect With Classrooms Back Home.”

Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner Network
If you would like to share resources and tools—join the Institute of International Education, IIE, Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner LinkedIn Group.

Twitter: @IIEGlobal | Facebook: IIEGlobal | Blog: Opening Minds

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Malaika Foundation Facebook Group
Welcome to the Nebraska Global Educators Facebook Group:

This is a community of teachers in partnership with the Malaika Foundation dedicated to global education and fostering international understanding in Nebraska youth.

Group members are encouraged to share lesson ideas, resources, and global professional development opportunities within the group community. The intent is to allow for a free-flow of ideas to enhance global education for schools and universities throughout Nebraska.

Please keep posts focused on this mission. The administration does reserve the right to delete posts or comments that do not contribute to the purpose and intent of the site. Members can add new members, but final approval will go through the administration. New members should have a desire to foster global education in Nebraska and may include Nebraska teachers (P-16), informal educators, pre-service or post-secondary education majors, and others dedicated to global education.

The goal is to begin building the community and provide a place for the sharing of ideas and opportunities. It may be necessary to add other guidelines as time goes by, but focusing posts and conversations on global education and professional development will ensure the group remains true to its purpose.

Making a Difference for Nebraska's Educators & Students

The Importance of Travel

"Because of the generosity and support of the Malaika Foundation and Fund For Teachers, I experienced new lands and ideas, making friends among strangers and returning to the classroom with knowledge and enthusiasm that inspired curiosity and challenged students to create the change they want to see in our world."
Jane Connealy

"The Fund for Teachers and Malaika Fellowship allowed me to visit Madagascar to increase my knowledge of conservation, exploration, and nature to better educate my students in Omaha. I have incorporated so many of the things I learned in Madagascar into my classes and have expanded my curriculum to include different needs that must be examined, for the wellbeing of our global community."
Lee Kallstrom

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